Horizontal Split Casing Pumps

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FLOWMORE range of Horizontal Split Casing Pumps offer widest range of selection depending upon the pumping liquid from Clear Water to varying degrees of contamination. Horizontal Split Pumps are one essential sort of pumps capable of generating high flow rates for sundry applications like water treatment works, cooling tower, power generation, and raw water intake systems, etc. Designed precisely by one of the ace Horizontal Pumps Manufacturer In India, Flowmore Pumps, there is made available a wide diversity of Horizontal Pumps in all the distinct sizes and modulations.

Composed of cast iron, stainless steel, and other robust materials, the Horizontal Pumps In India are proved to serve proficiently for years whilst requiring low maintenance. The impeller located between bearings imparts steadfast operation. Devised to be installed easily, they are accessible with mechanical sealing. Its double-suction idea leads to higher efficiencies and economic activity in regards to power. Get the single-stage, non-self-priming and one of the versatile pumps from renowned Horizontal Pumps Manufacturer. Buy one for your firm today itself!

  • Flow (m /hr) : up to 18000
  • Head (m):up to 250
  • Sizes : 50 TO 1200 MM
    Applications & Services:
  • Power Generations
  • Cooling Water, Circulating Water, Make up Water, Misc. & Auxiliary Services.
  • Fire Fighting
  • Industrial
  • Steel Plants, Sugar Plants, Paper & Textile Mills, Rolling Mills etc.
  • Fertilizer, Chemical, Refineries, Petrochemicals Plants
  • Intake Raw Water, Cooling Water, Booster Services etc.
  • Municipal Water Supply
  • Clear Water, Raw Water, Waste Water and Auxiliary Services.
  • Air Conditioning Plants
  • Primary & Auxiliary Water
  • Building Services
  • General
  • Waste Water Treatment, Mine Dewatering, Lift irrigation, Agriculture, Water Works, Storm Water, sprinkler irrigation, Flood Control etc.
    Construction & popular option:
  • Horizontal Axially Split Casing, Single Stage, double suction with heavy duty shaft.
  • Two Stage / double volute for high head pumps.
  • Rotating assembly can be taken out for easy inspection and maintenance by removing only upper casing half, without disturbing pump's alignment, suction and discharge pipe.
  • Modular component designs for maximum interchangeability – less spare's inventory.
  • Replaceable wearing rings are provided with anti-rotation arrangement.
  • Replaceable shaft sleeves.
  • Sump model / CFD / Seismic analysis.
  • For special services casing / impellers with 350 BHN hardness can be given.
  • Available in horizontal / vertical shaft construction.
  • Packing Gland / Mechanical Seal.
  • Available in clockwise / counter clockwise rotation.
  • For Low Life Cycle cost configuration we offer Pump with Mech. Seal, efficiency coating and features to minimize down time during maintenance.
  • Can operate with motors at 50 Hz / 60 Hz.
    Material Of Construction For Components:

    Part Description Material of Construction
    Casing / Bowl Cast Iron / Cast Steel / Stainless Steel / Duplex SS/---
    Impeller Cast Iron / Bronze / Cast Steel / Stainless Steel / Duplex SS / ----
    Shaft Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Duplex SS / ----
    Wearing Ring Cast Iron / Bronze / Cast Steel / Stainless Steel / Duplex SS / ----
    Shaft Sleeve Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Duplex SS / ----
    Bush Bearing Bronze / Cutless Rubber / Thordon / Feroform / Green Tweed / ----

    Material standards & grades

    MOC Indian U.S. DIN British
    Cast Iron IS 210, Gr. FG 260 ASTM A48, CL. 35 or 40 1691 GG 25 BS EN 1561-GJL 250
    Bronze IS 318, Gr. LTB 2 ASTM B62, B145 Alloy4A / ASTM B584 – C90500 CuSn5ZnPb BS EN 1982-CC491K
    Phosphor Bronze IS 28, Gr. 1
    Aluminum Bronze IS 305, Gr. AB1 ASTM B 148 (9A) UNS No. C95200
    Carbon Steel (Castings) IS 1030, Gr. 230-450W ASTM A216, Gr. WCB
    Stainless Steel (Castings) IS 3444, Gr. 10 ASTM A743, Gr. CA15 1.4106(X12Cr14)
    IS 3444, Gr. 24 ASTM A743, Gr. CA6NM 1.4313(X3CrNiMo13-4) 425 C 11
    IS 3444, Gr. 1 ASTM A743, Gr. CF8
    IS 3444, Gr. 1 ASTM A351, Gr. CF8 1.4308 EN 10213-4 1.4308
    IS 3444, Gr. 4 ASTM A743, Gr. CF8M
    IS 3444, Gr. 4 ASTM A351, Gr. CF8M 1.4408 EN 10213-4 1.4408
    IS 3444, Gr. 15 ASTM A 743, Gr. CF3
    IS 3444, Gr. 15 ASTM A 351, Gr. CF3 1.4309 EN 10213-4 1.4309
    IS 3444, Gr. 16 ASTM A743, Gr. CF3M
    IS 3444, Gr. 16 ASTM A351, Gr. CF3M 1.4409 EN 10213-4 1.4409
    Duplex SS (Castings) ASTM A890, Gr. 1A UNS No. J93370 CD4MCu
    ASTM A890, Gr. 4A UNS No. J92205 CD3MN
    ASTM A890, Gr. 6A UNS No. J93380 CD3MWCuN
    Carbon Steel (Bars) IS 1570(P-III), Gr. 40C8 ASTM A107, Gr. 1040 BS 970(En-8)/080M40
    IS 1570(P-III), Gr. 55C8 AISI 1055 CK55 BS 970(En-9)/070M55
    Stainless Steel (Bars) IS 1570(P-V), Gr.X12Cr12 ASTM A276, Type 410 1.4006 (X10Cr13) 410 S21
    IS 1570(P-V), Gr.X15Cr16Ni2 ASTM A276, Type 431 1.4057 (X20CrNi17)
    ASTM A276, Type 304 1.4301 (X5CrNi18 10) 304 S15
    IS 1570(P-V), Gr.X04Cr17Ni12Mo2 ASTM A276, Type 316 1.4401 (X5CrNiMo17122) 316 S31
    IS 1570(P-V),Gr.X02Cr17Ni12Mo2 ASTM A276, Type 316L 1.4404 (X2CrNiMo17122) 316 S11
    Duplex SS (Bars) ASTM A276, UNS S31803 1.4462 (X2CrNiMoN225)
    ASTM A276, UNS S32760 1.4501(X3CrNiMoN25 7)
    Coverage Chart
  • The above curves are approximate and meant for tentative selection. For details, individual pump family curves must be referred to.
    Our ranges also includes pumps for higher capacities and heads for which please refer to us. Due to continuous design improvements
    being implemented. We reserve the right to change the above without notice.