Flowmore, in collaboration with MWI-USA, has launched a revolutionary product, "Solar Pedalflo". "MWI, Moving Water Industries, was established by the Eller Family in Deerfield Beach, Florida in 1926.” Solar Pedalflo is a simple way of creating safe and hygienic drinking water in large quantities and thousands of such systems are providing safe & clear drinking water across Africa.

"Solar Pedalflo" is a complete solar powered 24x7 pressurized water delivery system capable of delivering 10000 LPD of drinking water. It can be installed at water levels up to 45 meters. Below ground level, this is a closed container system which eliminates water contamination. A zero wastage & highly economical (approx.. 4.5 paise per litre) system providing safe & clear drinking water for rural communities, green field projects and institutions thereby leading to healthy communities, healthy children and the eradication of water borne diseases.

The specially designed modules of the system can withstand extreme weather conditions which enhances usage & life. Easy to install, require minimal maintenance and can be easily handled at village level. No dependence on Power Grid, in case of overcast weather or at night, manual operation feature is available, no loss of minerals – much needed for human body, pressurized water that can be stored or directly distributed.

United Nations

United Nations voted unanimously in Sept 2015 to "Ensure availability & sustainable management of water and sanitation for all". United Nations declaration sets goal for "Universal & equitable access to safe & affordable drinking water to all by 2030".

Conclusion:- The conclusion to be drawn is that the use of Flowmore's Solar Pedalflo will help to ensure that the Government of India meets its obligations under United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Number 6 to provide "universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water" for every citizen of India by 2030.

"We at Flowmore pledge ourselves to the endeavor…..each and every Indian will have access to safe drinking water."

Salient Features

Salient Features

  •  Utilizes natural resources like Heat from Sun & underground water to deliver safe & clear drinking water.
  •  Lifts underground water from Boreholes using reciprocating piston pumps driven thru DC motor.
  •  Employs UF membranes for ultrafine filtration thereby delivering drinking water meeting WHO standards.
  •  Dual mode operation : Can be operated manually thru pedal system during overcast / cloudy days or in the night and thru Solar Power.
  •  High Efficiency SPV array with dual axis manual tracking system.
  •  SPV array provided with theft resistant bolts for protection.
  •  Complete pumping & filtration unit comes with specially designed PVC weather proof cabin to withstand extreme weather condition such as storm, rain, dust & impact.
  •  Air pump provides for backwashing of UF membrane.
  •  Wastage nil with no reject water unlike RO system.
  •  Minimal maintenance which can be undertaken at village level.
  •  Warrantee spares of 2 years & tool kit part of standard supply.

Specifications :


  •  SPV Array: 6x70 W Mon crystalline SPV cells capable of delivering optimum voltage & current.
  •  Life: Solar Cells life over 25 years.
  •  Motor: High Efficiency 0.5 HP DC Geared motor.
  •  Pump: Positive displacement Pump with SS rust free pipe rod & rubber piston.
  •  Riser pipe: uPVC.
  •  Capacity: 20 LPM
  •  TDH: 45 m
  •  Pump Speed: 60 rpm
  •  Bore Size: 6 inches.
  •  Installation depth: Upto 35 m.
  •  Drive Mechanism: Chain & Sprocket plus flywheel.
  •  Alternate power: Pedal clutch system.
  •  Filtration system: Combination of 50 Microns, 1 microns & 0.01 Microns.
  •  Cables: 15 m 3 Core 2.5 mm2 flexible Cu Cable.
  •  Safety features: Pressure Gauge, Pressure switch, NRV, anti-theft screws, PVC weather proof cabin.

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