Flowmore Quality Assurance
  • Stringent quality checks & verifications as per relevant Indian Standards are carried out on all incoming raw materials .
  • Regular in-process monitoring made for sand mix, Core making, moulding.
  • Chemical properties of castings monitored right from pouring stage by use of spectrometer.
  • Carbon & Silica percentage monitored during molten stage.
  • Temperature Checking of Cupola.
  • CO2 Process for Core / Mould making.
  • Casting cleaning by Grit Blasting ,Fettling , Grinding.
  • 100% dimensional check of all finished Castings.

Flowmore has the latest optical emission spectrometer for complete professional metal analysis The Oxford Instruments FOUNDRY-MASTER PRO is basically three base test spectrometer i.e.

(i) Fe-Base
(ii) Cu-Base
(iii) Al-Base.

In Fe-Base we can check 28 elements, in Cu-Base we can check 27 elements & in AI-Base we can check 32 elements.

Flowmore Tool Room QA
  • Regular And Periodic Callibration Of All Measuring Instruments
  • Records For Callibration, Period, Corrections Made Etc. Are Maintained
  • Provide Instruments To Shop Floor As And When Required.
  • Maintains Records For Ultrasonic Test Equipment, Dp Test Equipment, Radiography .
  • Fully Equipped Tool Room .
Flowmore In Process Testing

Physical And Chemical Test Of Materials

  • Ultrasonic Test Of Shafts
  • Dye-penetration Test Of Critical Castings, Shafts And Welds
  • Radiography Of Welding And Critical Castings
  • Magnaflux Test Of Castings
  • Dynamic Balancing Of Impellers And Rotating Components
  • Hydro Pressure Testing Of Casings, Columns, Sd Head Etc.