Retro Fit

FLOWMORE's retrofitting expertise has been focused essentially in the following areas :

  • Replacement of old pumping equipment to restore the original performance by matching original foundation, discharge pipe / column pipe, existing line shaft connection and drive motor.
  • Upgradation of hydraulic design of existing CW pumps and other pumps for improvement of original efficiency and enhancement of operational reliability and life of the pumps.
  • Change of material and upgraded design for increased life and consistency in performance over it's life cycle of operation.
  • Modification of system parameters for responding to variation in the operational parameter.
  • Refurbishment or Replacement is also carried out on other makes of Pump where user finds cost of original spares prohibitively high.

FLOWMORE has developed a special cell for attending the problem of various pumping equipment including CW pump in Thermal Power Station in the country and developed necessary infrastructure for undertaking this painstaking exercise employing Company's in-house R & D expertise and test facilities.

Refurbishments Undertaken :

  • 4 nos. existing Ebara make VT Pumps each 10836 Cu M/Hr, 12.55 M, 333 RPM coupled to 500 KW motor at Bombay Municipal Corporation.
  • 1 no. CW pump at Korba TPS, 9450 Cu M/Hr at 6 M, 585 RPM, pull-out design VT Pump.
  • CW Pump at Satpura TPS, 30000 US GPM, 56 feet, 735 RPM, VT Pump.
  • Replacement of existing pump, 15000 Cu M/Hr at 19.6 M, 590 RPM, 950 KW motor at MSEB, Koradi TPS.
  • Over 60 nos. 150 Cs VT Pumps, over 25 nos. 125 Cs VT Pumps and over 150 nos. 5 Cs to 60 Cs VT pumps at Haryana Irrigation over last 6 years.
  • 3 nos. 3000 CuM/Hr & 1 no. 2000 CuM/Hr existing Voltas pumps at GWSSB-Surat / Surat Municipal Corporation
  • Retrofitting of CW Pump: 1 No. at Hindalco Industries Ltd., Renukoot (7350M3/Hr. at 26 Mts.)
  • Replacement of 6 nos. Voltas Pumps at JSPL, Raigarh (1250 M3/Hr. at 101 Mts. Head)