Hydro Turbine System

Ushvin Canyon Small Hydro Turbine System

Flowmore Group, apart from complete range of Industrial pumps upto very large size, has successfully diversified into the manufacture of a wide range of small hydro turbine systems with very active collaboration and close working relationship with the highly renowned "Canyon Hydro" of U.S.A "CANYON HYDRO". builds small hydro electric systems to meet the rigid specifications of power producers, and is highly respected worldwide for their highly efficient designs and trouble free performance:

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About Ushvin Canyon Hydro Systems

Flowmore for more than 55 years has been providing reliable and cost effective fluid handling solutions to end users and pumping applications for power, water supply and Sewerage, Irrigation, Utilities, Mining, Steel, Cement and Air conditioning sectors. Flowmore has diversified into the field of small hydro Turbines, manufactured under the banner of "Ushvin Hydro Power Systems ". Ushvin Hydro has the unique benefit of Collaboration with renowned leaders like Canyon Hydro of U.S.A. With the backup from Canyon technology Ushvin-Canyon Hydro produces a wide range of Hydro – Power units of both reaction and impulse type and are a reliable source of efficient, long-lasting Hydro Turbine System meeting practically all requirements in low, medium and high heads. Ushvin-Canyon Hydro takes special pride in the products and services, It offers through computer aided designs and skilled engineering staff with extensive modern manufacturing facilities.

Product And Services Flowmore Group Offers

Ushvin Canyon World Class Hydro Turbines And Systems Up To Multi-megawatt Sizes

  Pelton Turbines.
  Cross Flow Turbines.
  Francis Turbines.
  System Design To Meet Customer Requirements.
  Digital Electronic – Control Panels & Systems.
  Water To Wire Packages – Up To 20,000 Kw Sizes In Certain Types.
  Speed Increaser Gear Boxes.
  Indoor & Outdoor Switch Gears.

Pelton Turbines

Pelton Turbines produced by Flowmore are available with horizontal or vertical shaft and with multi jet mechanism which being controlled separately.These Turbines are particularly suitable for exploiting plant conditions where there is low flow utilization as compared with the high head.One of the most interesting aspects of Pelton Turbines is its flexibility in presence of marked changes in flow capacity. Each injector is also capable of regulating its own portion of flow capacity upto a certain limit, without creating any noticeable phenomena of load loss.These Pelton Turbines are also equipped with deflectors which come between the rotor and water jet nozzles, in emergencies deviate the water flow and prevent the machine to go to runway speed.So overall we provide the Pelton Turbines which have a good service life with 70 to 90% efficiency, are available in ranges upto 20,000Kw Capacity.


Crossflow Turbines manufactured by FLOWMORE are developed with improved design to give best efficiency. These turbines are used where low and medium heads and high flow is available.Runners are made of stainless steel with high accuracy and precision which gives a sudden impact of water at the runner blades and gives high efficiency, which we claim. These Turbines are very rugged and simple design with flexibility to operate within a wide variation of flow.We also provide when recommended, a self closing type inlet butterfly valve to avoid the runway speed of runner and also provide the vane mechanism controlled by panel so that it should not go beyond the over or under frequency. In case of any emergency first the vane shall close automatically due to provision of relays, and simultaneously, in certain cases the inlet butterfly valve also closes automatically. So we provide the atomized crossflow turbine with a high safety provision. So overall we provide the crossflow turbines which have a good service life with 70 to 80% efficiency, are available in ranges upto 1,000 Kw Capacity.

Francis Turbines

Crossflow Turbines manufactured by FLOWMORE are developed with improved design to give best efficiency. These turbines are used where low and medium heads and high flow is available.The Francis Turbines are mostly suitable for Hydro Power stations with medium and high head. The Francis type turbines manufactured by Ushivn-canyon hydro are compact in design, convenient in operation, easy in maintenance and excellent in efficiency.Francis Turbines manufactured by Ushivn-canyon hydro system are available in MW capacities. PRECISION MANUFACTURING OF USHVIN – CANYON HYDRO TURBINE COMPONENTS

Ushvin–Canyon Turbines are built for better performance and higher efficiency, much of this superior performance comes from Flowmore's investment in advanced Technology for Design and Manufacturing. The process begins at canyon Hydro with CAD design and solid modeling, followed by extensive fine tuning using tools like Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). These advanced tools make it possible to know exactly how a turbine will perform before manufacturing begins. But a well-tuned computer model is only the beginning. Unless every complex curve is precisely replicated in steel, the turbine will not perform as well as the model.

Today's sophisticated designs require new manufacturing techniques to ensure accuracy. That's why Canyon - Hydro has made significant investments in computer-controlled manufacturing technology. From breakthrough casting techniques to CNC machining, these advancements deliver the best possible real-world performance. The design procedure received from Canyon - Hydro is repeated by Flowmore engineers on Computers to bring it in line with Indian site parameters, if necessary. Like Canyon – Hydro, Flowmore has also made heavy investments in a series of high-precision, Ultra-Modern 'Computer-aided electronic CNC Multi-Axis Machining Centres' (picture above) for precise machining of components as per drawing.


Water To Wire Packages

Ushivn-canyon Hydro by Flowmore Group is known by its, manufacturing technologies and fabrication facilities available under one roof. This Group is a source supplier for all of hydro power generating equipments. This includes the turbines, mounting frames, turbine inlet valves, automatic controls and switch gears.
Safety, durability and efficiency are three pillars of our power house packages. From the materials like shaft, bearings, sensors and control systems, every component is selected to ensure maximum possible power output and long life. Generators are selected to meet the rigorous demands of hydro electric environment and sourced only from reputed manufactures. Controls and switch gears are engineered to meet the intertie requirements and control schemes of each individual project. For various Projects, complete electro – hydraulic governing systems are provided for remote areas. Ushvin–Canyon Hydro water to wire packages are an assurance that every effort has been taken to ensure efficient and long term performance.

Provide Turnkey Project Facility

Our turnkey Projects involve a complete end-to-end solution right from service background, coupled with our engineering and Project Management capability, enables us to offer innovative, technical and commercial solutions to match our customer needs. From initial site survey we provide a complete service of operational study and detailed specification of work.Feasibility study is undertaken by our team of experts. This study helps to determine Project viability and its end result. The feasible study assists you and us "How project could be setup in a more efficient and cost effective manner. Efficient and cost effective detailed engineering is vital for having a control on the cost of the entire project. Equipment design and production drawings for erection of Hydro plants are prepared using advanced CAD software.Our Turnkey service includes solutions from initial setup of the plant to Renovation of an existing plant. The efficiency of our turnkey projects is vastly accelerated by training our employees to adequately equip themselves for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness towards their projects.

Flowmore Group Offers

  provide Consultancy & Support Services.
  Provide Complete Water – To Wire Turn Key Packages.
  Provide Erection And Commessioning Facility.

Modernisation of Existing Power Stations

Flowmore Group reputation is based on excellent engineering for manufacturing, erection-commissioning and modernization or renovation of the Hydro Power Plants. Owing to practical experience of Ushvin – Canyon Hydro in the Hydro Power Industry, Ushvin Canyon is ideally placed to offer client its customized solutions for renovation, modernization and up-rating of existing Hydro Power Plants. Existing Power Stations with conventional Hydraulic /Mechanical Governors being frequent cause for interruption of power generation now can be modernized with "Ushvin Digital Electronic Governors". Protection release and instrumentation in existing panels may be utilized as such (if in satisfactory condition). These activities also cover main equipments i.e. Turbines, Generators, C & I equipments and other plant equipment essential for efficient and sustained performance of the power units. The reasonably low cost incurred would be recovered in no time through trouble-free continues and increase power generation. Operators with much less skill and experience would be able to operate the power station.